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Here are some tips to create shareable content for digital marketing.

Mar. 20, 2019 by

For content marketers and content creators, the ultimate goal for them is to get their content viewed by more and more people. Nowadays, content creators work towards making their content get shared on social media channels. The biggest problem that lies here is that almost every other content marketer is trying to get his content shared. This has turned the content marketing arena competitive and hostile. No doubt getting content shared results in the generation of high business value, but it is easier said than done. For small businesses and newly formed companies, who can’t afford to hire an in-house content marketer, often turn towards digital marketing agency in Indore.

If one wishes to get his/her content viral on social media, he/she should think beyond content. As per some digital marketing experts, we have here a few tips on how to create highly shareable content.

1. Reach about your audience :  This is the fundamental rule for writing a highly shareable content. Without knowing what your audience would like, you cannot expect your audience to share your article on a random topic. If your content is not interesting and entertaining, your audience will not care to share it with others. So, when deciding to create your next content, understand what your audience would like to read and share. Find out things that will intrigue them to share with others.

2. Don’t undermine the effect of title and heading : The heading or the title and image are the first things that people see. The decision to click through any content is based upon how intriguing the heading is. Thus, when producing any content, make sure to give it a catchy title. To make it more appealing, add relevant images to it.

3. Add relevant images : An image is worth a thousand words is not just a proverb. When it comes to producing shareable content, images play a crucial role. As per a report, content with images has 94 % more viewers. Moreover, using coloured images in content makes it 80% more attractive to the audience. It is evident from the stats that good images play a crucial role in delivering high marketing results.

4. Use right format : how your content appears also matter when you are trying to get it shared. It has been noted that content that offers how-tos or is listicles get more reads and shares as compared or other. So, when penning down your next article, think about how-tos.

5. Use easily understandable language : The secret to creating highly shareable content is using simpler and easy to understand language. To ensure that more and more people read and share your content, it is essential to minimize the use of jargons and complex terms. When you do so, you make it more inviting and readable to more and more people.

6. Know the current trends : writing about what is trending is the easiest way to gain people’s attention towards your content and get it shared. When looking for topics to write on, research about the topics that are trending. Adding relevance to your content is a sure way to get relevant views and shares.